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Velký / A5 (14,8 x 21,0 cm) - Skládaný
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Panoramatický DL (21,0 x 9,9 cm) - Byt (ne uvnitř)
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Panoramatický DL (9,9 x 21,0 cm) - Byt (ne uvnitř)
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Malý / A6 (14,8 x 10,5 cm) - Skládaný
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Čtverec (14,1 x 14,1 cm) - Skládaný
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Čtverec (14,1 x 14,1 cm) - Skládaný
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Happy Birthday! Whether you are the receiver or giver, birthdays are always fun. You can make the birthday extra special by creating personalized birthday cards and birthday party invitations. Optimalprint has a wide variety of birthday theme cards available for you to customize. Whether the birthday invitations and birthday cards are for a milestone birthday such as 1st, 50th or 60th, for a Sweet 16, or for a boy or girl, Optimalprint has the answer. You can personalize the message, as well as easily upload photos and images for the birthday card or birthday party invitation. There is a selection of themes, layouts and designs to choose from, such as flowers, patterns, pirates, princesses and trains. You can also design the birthday cards and birthday party invitations to be double or single sided, a certain size, and a specific paper of your choice. In addition, Optimalprint also has customizable thank you cards and envelopes, making this one stops shop easy and convenient for you. Birthdays are supposed to be fun and memorable, so make the day even more exciting with a touch of personalization on the birthday cards and birthday invitations.

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