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Děkovné kartičky za biřmování

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Čtverec (14,1 x 14,1 cm) - Byt (ne uvnitř)
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Panoramatický DL (9,9 x 21,0 cm) - Byt (ne uvnitř)
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Personalized confirmation thank you cards are a great way to thank your family and friends for participating in this special event. Optimalprint can help you create personalized confirmation thank you cards easily online. You have many options for your custom confirmation thank you cards, including design template, message, and colors. Available styles for your confirmation thank you cards are classic, contemporary, vintage, and special themed confirmation thank you cards such as girl, boy, floral and religious. You can upload images or photos to add to any confirmation thank you card template, or your own custom confirmation thank you card template. Formatting options available for confirmation thank you cards include size, double or single sided, folded or non folded, horizontal or vertical, paper type, and quantity. Optimalprint also has customizable confirmation invitations and envelopes, completing your entire confirmation invite and confirmation thank you card printing needs. Optimalprint offers top quality products, providing you with the best, easiest and most cost-efficient way to solve all of your printing needs.

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